From 2020 this school is continuing under the banner of  ‘Encountering The Father’s Love’ Residential

Please go to www.encounteringthefatherslove/residential for details of 2020 and future schools


Eagles Wings School of the Heart

Eagles Wings School of the Heart began in September 2010 and since that time we have held 16 schools of over 200 students from six continents representing more than 25 nations. We are increasingly convinced of the value of the school but have become aware of the time restraints on many who would love to come.

In order to help with this we have made some changes. We are still running the three-week school in the summer for those who can do it, especially those from other nations or students on summer break, but we are also offering eight-day schools in the summer (you will join in the first half of the three-week summer school) and autumn which will cover the same teaching spread over two separate schools, thereby making it possible for more of you to do one week at a time.

Please Note:   For those of you who have taken the one-week Encountering the Father’s Love school in Bath, England or Amsterdam, The Netherlands, you may be eligible to take the Autumn Eagles Wings school. Please contact Linda at Eagles Wings for more details and to see if you are eligible for this opportunity.

What people say…

The presence of God, together with the servant hearts of the staff, makes Lox Lane an oasis each and every time we have visited.

— Peter & Heather Jackson