After partaking in the School of Ministry in Toronto I went straight to Eagles Wings. I met the Father in Toronto and experienced some great breakthroughs in my life, but it was just the beginning of a journey that continued at Eagles Wings. The Father came into my life and turned it upside down for my good. I have never experienced so much love from Him after He removed many obstacles in my heart which I had put there, but who were blocking His love. The intimacy with Him has grown ever since and I never felt so loved, wanted, accepted, joyful, peaceful, confident in Him. Now I just want more of Him! When you’ve tasted something of the Father’s real love, you just want more of Him. You realise that there is nothing in this world that can ever satisfy you more than the giver of life Himself. It has been the best journey of my life and it all started in these schools with the Father Heart message. — The Netherlands


Every now and then I like to look at the photos from Eagles Wings time and when I do, I remember how HUGELY BLESSED I am and was for having that opportunity! Daddy did some amazing and irreversible things in my heart that month and is continuing to bless, teach and grow me now. I LOVE HIM! And obviously, I miss all my EW buddies! — United Kingdom

I´m on the journey with my heavenly Father for over five years now. I have been a Christian since I was 18 years old, but never really felt close to God. Before I went to Eagles Wings, I took part in many, many Father heart schools in Europe, where God started to unpack my heart, take away barriers, and heal deep, deep wounds that had handicapped me all my life. In His embrace, He removed my pain and my mistrust and touched my heart in such a tender way, that I can’t help but praise Him and love Him with all my heart for all He has done!! During Eagles Wings school, I would say, He completed my healing, showed me how HE sees me, washed away shame and gave me courage, boldness and a call for my life. This school will change your life, no matter how long you have been a Christian. — Germany

I have been absolutely impacted by the Eagle Wings School of the heart and will recommend it to every leader. God is doing an amazingly deep thing in our lives in readiness for the great “RESTORATION” OF ALL THINGS. Acts 3: 20-21 — Ghana

My husband and I went to Eagles Wings School of the Heart out of desperation for change. After losing our 9 year old only two years prior and then hitting several aftershocks during the course of those two years, we had nothing left. I specifically wanted to understand “Come to me, all who are weary and heavy-laden and I will give you rest … For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” I was weary and heavy-laden and I did not understand the easy yoke. The other thing I wanted to understand, was the “abundant life” we are promised.

We’re home and in the midst of yet another aftershock, but we are different. We have a deeper understanding of the FATHER’S LOVE and a deeper understanding of GIVING UP FULL CONTROL and a deeper understanding of COMPLETE TRUST. When you can completely give up all control of your life into His hands and completely trust Him to take care of you and you are completely confident in His great love for you, THEN THE YOKE IS EASY AND THE BURDEN IS LIGHT AND YOU CAN EXPERIENCE THE ABUNDANT LIFE, even in the midst of the storm. The investment made by attending the School of the Heart was definitely worth it. Thanks Team!! — USA

Just want to say how much the school has changed my life – If it was not for the school, I would not look like this! — United Kingdom

Here is a poem I wrote at the end of Eagles Wings school. — United Kingdom



The end of a time the end of a season
But just at the start of going and believing

Been equipped and learned many fractions
But now got to go and turn them into actions

The tool belts been built around your waist
Don’t let them go we need to keep them braced

Take them out and use them fluently
Build a heart of love that fluidly

Fluidly running out of you and making changes
Love is addictive throughout the ages

But not independent we can’t do it on our own
There’s a reservoir above, now a daddy that’s known

Keep soft to His truth, keep soft to His word
Keeping your ears open for words that are heard

Sometimes we have to stop and give Him time
To allow Him to speak into our life to align

Align us with His will, align us with His path
Because we know there is no other better than His laugh

The way He whispers to you when you truly need it
When He melts your heart with just a pin prick

The tenderness of His love goes beyond understanding
No words can match the feeling that’s outstanding

But when it comes all you can do is beam
Like everything being taken that prevents the gleam

There’s no feeling like it and nothing can take it away
Something that’s poured inside you, comes and stays