The Team

David and Faith Dalley have taught extensively on the Toronto School of Ministry and are directors of Eagles Wings School of the Heart. They will be teaching in the school and bringing in other anointed ministries to enrich the experience.   Eagles Wings School of the Heart is a ministry of Father’s House Shaftesbury.

David and Faith Dalley

David and Faith have a strong evangelical and Word-based background, which was revolutionised by the Holy Spirit’s invasion into their experience. They have been married since 1967 with three adult children and five grandchildren. They have a passion for God and a love for young people with whom they have worked for most of their lives. They co-pastored a church in Bath, England which was massively affected by the outpouring of the Father’s blessing that began in Toronto in January 1994.

David and Faith, desperate to really know this Father more, attended the first month-long Leaders School at Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship (TACF) in August 1999 and the first Father Heart School at TACF in January 2002 which changed their whole perspective of God and their relationship with Him.

For the last 20 years they have been responding to a specific call from the Father to go to the nations with this message, spending most of their time visiting churches and building ongoing relationships across Russia, Philippines, Uganda/Rwanda, eastern Europe including Ukraine, Bulgaria, Hungary and Latvia. More recently, the Dalley’s have been ministering in The Netherlands, Switzerland, India, Sri Lanka, Brasil and Central America. They have taught at TACF, taken the Father’s love week at the School of Ministry, and regularly run schools like this around the world.

Clive and Sue Jackson

Clive and Sue Jackson

Clive is the founding pastor of Father’s House Shaftesbury (formerly New Covenant Church Shaftesbury) and has a passion to see people getting their hearts healed, living in the spirit, and knowing the fullness of the Father’s love.

Based in Shaftesbury, Clive travels widely internationally and works with an increasing number of church leaders in the UK and abroad. In recent years, he has hosted international ministry schools and Encounter Weekends at Lox Lane Christian Encounter Centre.

Sue is a trained teacher and heads up the Children’s Ministry at the Father’s House Shaftesbury. She undertakes training of children’s workers both in her home church and elsewhere. She is also involved with training and support of a Christian school in Ghana and travels with Clive internationally.

Linda East

Linda East

Linda is the Administrator of Eagles Wings and is your point of contact during your application process. In addition, Linda and her team ensure that your needs are met while you are staying at Lox Lane. She lives on-site at Lox Lane with her husband.